The Seller sells his/her property to a Purchaser.

  • The bond of the Purchaser is declined
  • In this economic climate the Purchaser cannot obtain a bond, but may be able to obtain and qualify for a bond within the near future
  • The Purchaser rents the property for the duration of the Option Period, and steps into the shoes of the Owner and assumes the responsibilities of a home owner

We assist the Purchaser with a focus on:

  • Affordability
  • Building-up and establishing a good credit record. It may take 6 to 24 months – during the Option Period
  • Enabling the Purchaser to exercise the Option and buy the Property prior to the lapsing of the Option Period, when the bond approval will be in reach

During the Option Period, the Purchaser will rent the property and assume the responsibilities of a property owner and he/she will pay:

  • Rent equal to his/her intended bond installment
  • Rates, taxes and levies and will be responsible for the maintenance of the property as if he/she was an owner

Saving towards a deposit

  • A portion of the additional rental can be credited on transfer to the Purchaser on transfer
  • This will assist the Purchaser when he applies for a bond as the banks favour bond applications with a deposit [rather than a 100 % bond]

[example – the average rental income of a R500 000.00 property is 0.6 % of the value of the property, thus R3 000.00 per month. With r2b the tenant as prospective buyer will pay 1 % per month, thus R5 000.00. An additional amount of R2 000.00 is thus paid per month, and a portion (or the entire R2 000.00) will be credited as a deposit for the benefit of the Purchaser on transfer.

After 12 months a deposit of R2 000.00 x 12 = R24 000.00 will be build up – and such can be used for the deposit when applied for the home loan, or allocated for transfer and bond registration costs.

The rental will be insured and collected through an unique r2b Rental Insurance product.
(click here for a direct link to Rental Insurance explanation)